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Nation High School is accredited by Distance Education Accreditation Body (DEAB) for High School Diploma for Self-Study Program. Nation High School has met the highest standards of reliability, integrity and academic excellence as set by the Distance Education Accreditation Body and is now a certified accredited member. DEAB is a private, non-profit association of accredited home study and distance education schools and is working to uphold educational excellence, sound academic standards, fair business practices and trends within the field of distance learning or home study. DEAB is also working with many online distance learning schools, including Nation High School, to assist them in building and enhancing their capacity to formulate and maintain the latest and effective educational policies, strategies and standards. For additional information, visit

Nation High School other two programs i.e. High School Diploma High School Diploma for Prior Life Experience Program are accredited by the following reputable accreditation bodies.


Accreditation from the above renowned accreditation agencies ensure that when you enroll with Nation High School, you can be certain of receiving high-quality education that could help you get where you want to go. Our High School Diploma programs are designed in collaboration with leading educationalists and industry experts to ensure academic quality, relevance and thoroughness. Nation High School maintains consistency and standards in education that are upheld by peer institutions and reputable accreditation bodies. Enroll today and take the next step towards a better tomorrow.

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